Initial Configuration

After you've installed Pyazo and created your superuser, there is some configuration needed to make Pyazo work.

The configuration is done in /etc/pyazo/config.yml. The two most important settings are called external_url and domains.

  • external_url dictates which URL should be used for link generation. This setting must include the protocol, e.g.
  • domains is a list of domains which Pyazo can be accessed under. If you're directly accessing pyazo without a reverse-proxy, this must contain the DNS name used to access Pyazo. If you're using a reverse-proxy, add the same value here as you've set in proxy_pass

You can also optionally enable error_report_enabled, which sends errors directly to

If you prefer shorter links, you can adjust the setting default_return_view, which defaults to using the SHA256 of the uploaded file. The length of links is as following:

Function Length
view_sha512_short 16
view_md5 32
view_sha256 64
view_sha512 128