Simple. Free.

Pyazo is an Imageserver, written in Python with Django. It comes bundled with a C# client and a custom ShareX uploader.


  • Fast

    Written in Python with Django, and running on a CherryPy-Server, Pyazo is lighting fast.

  • Direct Image Links

    No slow embeds, no ads, no Javascript, just the image.

  • Single Sign-on

    Pyazo supports SSO via OAuth2.

  • Dark Theme

    Everyone loves dark themes. Except Alan. But screw Alan.

  • Browser upload

    Upload images directly from your browser!

Statistics, but simple

Easily see how many people viewed your images, on what devices and from where. All without any Javascript.

Get Started

Pyazo can either be run as it's own independent service, or as normal ASGI Application.